Create a better connection with your customers

Making it easier for online businesses to accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Create a better connection with your customers

Trustpay Global is a leading, and FCA regulated, Fintech payments company, unique for having its own platform, and mutual authentication patents in 15 countries. It has achieved 110 per cent compound growth over the past three years while remaining profitable, and is on target to achieve revenues of £15 million by year end (March 2019).

“We have proved, unequivocally, that we are a small team which knows how to generate cash with a small team and without burning investor funds with zero return,” Sandy MacAngus, co-founder and CEO, says.
“We are now in the hiring window: we’re seeking talent with specific sector experience in travel, online games, financial services and retail.

“Being a profitable company, and re-investing to grow, we are interested in making acquisitions if these are appropriate and a good fit with our business, our vision and our values.”

Trustpay Global products span tech and finance in a unique way, and take away operational pain.

“Because we have access to capital through our private equity partners, we are always interested to talk with potential enterprise partners and customers.”

“Whether you would like to partner with us, or use our services, our capabilities include multi acquirer, multi-currency and international cross-border transactions. Because we operate our own platform, we are better, cheaper and more reliable. We offer trust, integrity and five nines (99.999%) reliability which equates to less than one minute of downtime per month. For comparison, Amazon might offer you three nines (99.9%)” added Sandy.

Please give us a call on 0207 871 3890 to see how we can work together or mail us on

Some of Trustpay Global’s enterprise clients have trebled their business with us; what can we do for you?